I had the incredible privilege of meeting Rich and Hillary Froning last weekend. One of my great friends and one of our coaches at CrossFit 806, Brooks Boyett, came up with the idea of bringing Rich in as a fundraiser for his ministry, Mission 2540. We have been planning this for months,…


Lauren Fisher

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Very cool that @Crossfit posted this sequence shoot of @boomsauce051 demonstrating his most excellent muscle ups. Dan was showing off how important an extremely tight arch/hollow body position is to the #muscleup —- @theoutlawway @crossfitlindy @superclearyphoto #crossfit #crossfitgames


Be picky with who you invest your time in, wasted time is worse than wasted money.

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I took this from someone. It’s nothing but the truth. #crossfit #fitfam #fitspo #igfit


I don’t #diet and #exercise because I’m an #athlete! I train and eat healthy. It’s a lifestyle not a fad. #crossfit #crossfitter #fitness (at Indian Head MD)

Halfway through this, I questioned my decision not to sleep in and come for WOD instead. But team WODs are the reason why my Saturdays are awesome :) #CrossFit (at Crossfit Fire City)

Finally managed to do a WOD with Ryan, a member of the OCBC Singapore pro #cycling team. He incorporates #CrossFit into his training. (at Crossfit Fire City)

Mobilus x Fire City. Today, we came together to WOD in memory of Doris, who lost her fight to cancer. Doctors gave her only a few months to live. But she fought on for 5 years. So it was rather apt for today’s WOD to be called “Fortitude”. RIP, Doris. You fought a good fight. #CrossFit #cffirecity #wearemobilus